In order for the club to achieve its overall aims, we kindly ask that we require a high level of support and commitment from all parents/ guardians and gymnasts in accordance to the following:


What we expect from parents with regards to training:


1. Please ensure your child attends training at the correct times and arrives 5 minutes early for each class.


2. Please collect your child at the correct time.


3. Please wait outside the hall until your child has been dismissed.


4. Please inform a coach at the earliest opportunity if your child cannot make a session.


5. Please ensure your child wears and brings the correct training attire.


6. Please inform a coach at the beginning of a session if your child has an injury.


7. Any questions that you may have, please ask at the beginning of the session to allow a swift departure from the hall.


What we expect from parents with regards to competitions:


1. Please respect the arrival and departure times for competitions.


2. ALL competitive gymnasts MUST attend the full duration of the competition weekend (Saturday/Sunday).  This is a formality for all other clubs including Champion.  We provide you with competition details in advance so that you have enough time to organise arrangements for the event.  The squad as a whole must to be there to support each other and learn from the competition.  Coaches will always be present to supervise gymnasts at the event.


3. Be aware of your child’s warm up and performance time.


4. Ensure you have purchased the correct kit for your child well in advance.  Gymnasts that show up on the day with the incorrect attire may not be allowed to compete.


5. Nutrition on the day of the competition is highly important – please speak to a coach if you require advice.


6. Parents/relatives must pay the correct entry fee at the door.  We had an unfortunate incident this year where the club was nearly penalised at a competition.  It was very embarrassing for the coaches and nearly costly for the club.


7. Under no circumstances should a parent allow their child to practise on the competition floor without seeking approval from a coach first.  Coaches will organise when the gymnasts will train and times may be subject to change.  Gymnasts are not allowed to practise without a fully qualified coach supervising them.