Champion Aerobic Gymnastics Club, referred to as ‘The Club’

Club Membership is open to all on a non-discriminatory basis.


The Club is bound to limit its competitive gymnast membership to those who affiliate to the governing body British Gymnastics (BG).


The Club is entitled to charge a Membership fee.


The fee structure is subject to change and based on level of discipline.


All fees are to be paid through the Club website on or before the 1st of the Month.

All fees are non-refundable


The Club withholds the right to charge an admin fee of £25 for late or missed payments for training and competitions.


All gymnasts must adhere to the Gymnast Code of Conduct and failure to do so could lead to membership being suspended or removed.


All parents must adhere to the Parents Code of Conduct and failure to do so could lead to the gymnasts’ membership being suspended or removed.


If a gymnast wishes to terminate their membership of the Club, written notice must be given. Two months fees will be payable upon receipt of notice.


Abusive and threatening behaviour will not be tolerated by any gymnast or parent. Any incident may lead to membership being withdrawn.


The Club may refuse membership or remove it for any conduct or character that is likely to bring the Club or British Gymnastics into disrepute.


The Club reserves the right to withdraw any gymnast or partnership from a competition if the coach believes the routine is not to standard or the Code of Conduct has not been followed.


All choreography of routines remains the property of the Club and cannot be performed or reproduced without the permission of the Head Coach.


The Club has a duty of care to provide a safe environment for all gymnasts and parents.


The Club is to ensure first class coaching, all coaches must adhere to the British Gymnastics Standards of Conduct for Coaches.


The Club is to appoint a fully trained Welfare officer and make sure all gymnasts and parents are made aware of the Welfare Flow Chart.